Berghoff 6Pc Knife Block Set Graphite

Want to expand your knife collection with some high quality and sleek designed knives and matching knife block? The 6-pc knife block contains high-quality stainless steel knives: paring knife, utility knife, carving knife, bread knife and chef s knife. In the black rubberwood knife block you can conveniently keep all these knives organized and within reach for your food preparation. To make this set complete, we provided a storage space for the matching santoku knife and poultry shear. UNIQUE FEATURES * Expandable with matching poultry shear * Expandable with matching santoku knife Graphite * Unique black rubberwood look & feel * Premium quality stainless steel blade * All-in-1 versatile set * Organised and space-saving storage stand * Ergonomic handle for a safe and comfortable grip COMPOSITION 1x chef knife – 20cm (8′) 1x bread knife – 20cm (8′) 1x carving knife – 20cm (8′) 1x utility knife – 12cm (4 3/4′) 1x paring knife – 9cm (3 1/2′) 1x knife block 23,50x15x10cm (9 x 6 x 4′)

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