Berghoff Slotted Turner Balance

Flipping burgers or pancakes, frying eggs or removing cookies from a cookie sheet, it s a piece of cake with this slotted turner partly made out of recycled plastic. Its heat resistant silicone head, made with recycled plastics, with thin flexible edge easily slides under all foods and is safe for use in non-stick coated cookware. The three slots allow excess liquid and oil to drain from your food. Once you re done, the slotted turner can go in the dishwasher for a quick clean-up after which the hole in the handle allows for convenient hanging storage. UNIQUE FEATURES * Made with recycled plastics * Thin flexible edge that slides under all foods * Versatile utensil for frying eggs, flipping pancakes, … * Hole in the handle for convenient hanging storage * Safe for use in coated & non-stick cookware * Dishwasher safe

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45 x

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