Berghoff Covered Saucepan Stone+ 18cm

Whether you re cooking for one, making a side dish or preparing a savoury sauce, this saucepan with matching clear glass lid that s equipped with a drain hole for easy straining and spoon rest function is a great kitchen essential. Convenient for any cooktop and easy to balance in your hand due to the phenolic handle with silicone insert while the high-quality recycled cast aluminium ensures everything heats up quickly and evenly. No need to worry about the clean-up thanks to the high-quality, healthy ceramic CeraGreen non-stick coating. UNIQUE FEATURES * Ovenproof up to 180 C / 356 F * Suitable for all cooktops including induction and downdraft exhaust systems * Healthy CeraGreen ceramic non-stick coating (PFAS-free) * Made with recycled aluminium * Special knob with spoon rest function * Cast aluminium body that distributes heat fast and evenly and cools quickly * Silicone rim that prevents rattling * Clear glass lid with integrated air duct and straining function * Easy food release * Stay-cool handle for extra comfort and safety * Easy to clean * Conducts heat fast and evenly for energy-efficient cooking * Lightweight material that’s easy to handle

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25 x

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