Berghoff Frying Pan Non-Stick Stone+ 20Cm

Flipping an egg, frying a piece of meat or cooking a chicken dish, you can do it with little to no oil in this 20 cm lightweight frying pan. Thanks to its healthy ceramic CeraGreen non-stick coating, easy food release and effortless cleaning is ensured. The frying pan is made from high-quality recycled cast aluminium that distributes heat fast and evenly and is suitable for all cooktops including induction, and downdraft exhaust systems. This pan is ideal for frying, searing and browning foods and the silicone insert in the handle guarantees a comfortable soft grip. UNIQUE FEATURES * Ovenproof up to 180 C / 356 F * Healthy CeraGreen ceramic non-stick coating (PFAS-free) * Made with recycled aluminium * Easy food release * Suitable for all cooktops, including induction * Stay-cool handle for extra comfort and safety * Easy to clean * Conducts heat fast and evenly for energy-efficient cooking * Lightweight material that’s easy to handle

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