Berghoff Pancake Pan Non-Stick Stone+ 25cm

American blueberry pancakes or French cr pes; the choice is yours! Whatever your tastes, this recycled cast aluminium pancake pan is just what you need to prepare a hearty breakfast or a sweet afternoon treat. The body that distributes heat fast and evenly and the silicone insert secures a comfortable soft grip. Thanks to the low side and healthy ceramic CeraGreen non-stick coating you can easily transfer the food from the pan to your plate and clean your pan in a breeze. UNIQUE FEATURES * Ovenproof up to 180 C / 356 F * Healthy CeraGreen ceramic non-stick coating (PFAS-free) * Made with recycled aluminium * Easy food release * Suitable for all cooktops, including induction * Stay-cool handle for extra comfort and safety * Easy to clean * Conducts heat fast and evenly for energy-efficient cooking * Lightweight material that’s easy to handle

Weight & Dimensions:


35 x

10 x


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